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Family Trip to Europe with Kids: A Guided Itinerary and Unforgettable Experience!

Published on
April 17, 2024
Family Trip to Europe with Kids: A Guided Itinerary and Unforgettable Experience!
What is the mountain range that separates europe and asia?

The mountain range that separates Europe and Asia is the Ural Mountains.

what city of south asia is a world-renowned launching ground for treks in the himalayas?

The city in South Asia that is world-renowned as a launching ground for treks in the Himalayas is Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

What is the highest mountain in Asia?

The highest mountain in Asia is Mount Everest. It stands on the border of Nepal and China's Tibet Autonomous Region in the Himalayas and is the tallest peak globally, reaching an elevation of 29,032 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level.


Just a few weeks ago, we got back from our third family trip to Europe, and let me tell you, it was a blast—every bit as thrilling as the first time we went. Our kids are now 9 and 13, and they're right in that sweet spot for travel: they're old enough to really soak in the experience and young enough to find wonder around every corner. Plus, they'll actually remember these trips when they're older.

We've become pretty savvy at planning these European getaways, balancing visits to iconic landmarks with detours to hidden gems. This week-long trip wasn't just another vacation for us; we wanted it to be a genuine adventure, a journey through the rich tapestry of cultures and landscapes that Europe has to offer. With each trip, we're adding layers to our family tradition, a mix of returning to cherished spots and the thrill of discovering new ones.

If you're mulling over the idea of whisking your family away on a European adventure and could use a few tried-and-true tips, join me! I've got a treasure trove of valuable insights that can really enhance your itinerary planning. Let's make sure your trip is as memorable as they come!

Planning Your Europe Itinerary: Essential Tips for a Seamless Family Vacation

As a mom, there's something magical about watching the wonder in my kids' eyes as they experience new cultures and places. I poured that love into planning a trip that was as stress-free as it was spellbinding. So, let me take you through our planning steps, sprinkled with the warmth and savvy strategies that made our family's European adventure go off without a hitch.

Get the Family Involved from the Start

We kicked off our planning with a family huddle. Everyone, from our littlest to the grown-ups, picked a place they were eager to visit. This made our trip itinerary a colorful mosaic of all our dreams, and boy, did it make the countdown to our vacation exciting!

Blend City Vibes with Nature's Calm

Our itinerary was all about mixing the hustle and bustle of European cities with the calm of the countryside. We wanted the kids to marvel at landmarks and run free in nature, getting that perfect slice of everything Europe has to offer.

Choose Trains for Scenic Journeys

Train travel in Europe isn't just about getting from point A to B; it's part of the adventure. Booking our train tickets early, we snagged some sweet deals, and the kids were glued to the windows as we chugged through the beautiful landscapes.

Pick Accommodations Wisely

From hotels with the best European breakfasts to cozy vacation rentals, we chose places that felt like a home away from home. Our accommodation in Europe was about comfort, location, and a little local flavor.

Focus on Experiences, Not Just Sightseeing

We filled our Europe trip itinerary with experiences we could all cherish. Instead of rushing from one attraction to the next, we chose activities that the kids would enjoy and remember for years to come.

Don't Forget Travel Insurance

We learned that travel insurance is like a safety net for your vacation. It let us embrace our family vacation to Europe with peace of mind, knowing we were covered for those just-in-case moments.

Pack Light and Smart

Our motto was 'less is more' when it came to packing. It made hopping on and off trains and checking into places a whole lot easier, especially with a family of excited travelers.

Selecting the Best European Destinations for All Ages

When it came to selecting the destinations for our week in Europe, it was like piecing together a puzzle that fits just right for our family. Here's how we chose spots that delighted both the young and the young at heart.

Finding the Magic in Each City

Our journey began with a map and an open heart. We wanted cities in Europe that offered a dash of enchantment for the kids and a touch of nostalgia for us adults. Paris was a no-brainer with its fairy-tale charm, while the ancient streets of Rome promised a living history lesson. We looked for a mix of iconic sights and little-known corners to discover together.

Considering the Pace for Little Legs

With kids in the mix, we knew our itinerary for Europe had to be kind to little legs. We chose places where we could easily stroll to attractions or hop on a quick tram ride. Cities like Amsterdam, with its bike-friendly paths and laid-back vibe, were perfect for our energetic bunch.

Balancing Adventure with Relaxation

Every family needs a bit of downtime, and we found ours in the rolling hills of Tuscany. It was a chance to breathe in the fresh air and let the kids run free among the vineyards. This balance kept our travel in Europe joyful and rejuvenating.

Seeking Out Kid-Friendly Activities

We wanted to ensure that our trip to Italy and beyond included activities the kids would enjoy. From puppet shows in the squares of Prague to making chocolate in Belgium, we hunted down those unique experiences that would make their eyes light up and their stories even more exciting to share.

Remembering the Fun in Getting There

Our travel day adventures became part of the story. We turned train travel into a game, spotting castles or counting sheep in the countryside. It made the journey between our European destinations as fun as the destinations themselves.

Embracing the Educational Without the Boredom

We snuck in a bit of learning on our trip around Europe, visiting places like the science museum in London and the dinosaur park in Germany. It was education without the kids even realizing it, and that's the best kind of learning!

Making Room for Surprises

Some of the best destinations we visited were the ones we stumbled upon unexpectedly. Like that little playground in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, where the kids made friends with locals and we just soaked in the Parisian atmosphere.

Culinary Delights for the Little Ones: Kid-Friendly Eats Across Europe

With our two young ones in tow, we were on a mission to find the most kid-friendly eats that would please their palates and introduce them to new flavors. Let me share with you some of the scrumptious spots that became part of our family's food diary.

Pizza Pit Stop in London

We kicked off our culinary adventure in London, where we stumbled upon Pizza Pilgrims in Soho after a morning at the British Museum. The kids were thrilled with their classic Margherita pizzas, priced at around £8.50 each. The laid-back vibe was perfect for our jet-lagged family, and it was a great spot that offered a taste of Italy right in the heart of London. For our family of four, the total came to about £34, not including drinks and sides.

Parisian Sweet Treats

No visit to Paris is complete without indulging in pastries, and our kids were no exception. We found ourselves at a small bakery in Montmartre, where the kids marveled at the rows of colorful macarons, each priced at around €1.50. They each picked out a flavor, and for the four of us, the total came to about €6. We enjoyed them in a nearby park, a simple yet perfect Parisian moment that was as sweet on the palate as it was on the pocket.

Venetian Gelato Discovery

In Venice, our quest for the perfect gelato led us to Suso Gelatoteca, where each scoop was around €2.50. The kids' eyes lit up with each new flavor they tried. Our youngest got a kick out of the vibrant blue bubblegum flavor, while our eldest opted for a more sophisticated dark chocolate. With four scoops in total, our daily gelato treat cost us about €10. Each day ended with sticky fingers and contented smiles as we walked back to our hotel, gelato in hand.

London's Borough Market Bites

Back in London, Borough Market became our go-to for diverse tastes. The kids tried a Scotch egg for the first time, priced at about £4 each. They were initially unsure about the combination of sausage meat and egg, but after that first bite, they were asking for seconds. For our family of four, indulging in this classic British snack cost us around £16.

A Parisian Ice Cream Break

After a long day of sightseeing in Paris, we treated ourselves to a cool break with ice cream from the renowned Berthillon. The kids can't stop talking about the decadent chocolate scoops, which cost around €4 each. As we sat by the Seine, savoring our treats and watching the boats, it felt like the perfect way to wrap up our busy days in Paris. The total for our family's ice cream indulgence was about €16, and every euro was a delicious investment in our memories of this trip.

London's Take on Spanish Tapas

On our last day in London, we decided to end our trip on a Spanish note at Brindisa Tapas Kitchens in South Kensington. The atmosphere was lively, and the kids were all smiles as they tried the bite-sized croquetas, priced around £6 for a plate. They were even brave enough to sample the grilled octopus, which cost about £12. It was a little pricier than our usual meal, but the rich flavors and the kids' delighted reactions made it well worth it. Sharing several small plates, our family's lunch came to approximately £50 in total. It was a delicious and memorable way to wrap up our European culinary adventure.

Comfort Meets Convenience: Choosing the Right Accommodation in Europe

One of the most crucial parts of our European escapade was finding accommodations that felt like a cozy nest at the end of each exhilarating day. With our little ones' comfort as a priority, we discovered some wonderful places to stay that became our homes away from home. Let me walk you through some of the memorable stays and the personal touches that made them just right for our family.

Comfort Meets Convenience: Choosing the Right Accommodation in Europe

Embarking on a European adventure with family can be as much about the journey as it is about the destinations. And when it comes to journeying on a budget, the places you choose to rest your heads at night can make all the difference. Here's how we found the perfect balance of comfort and cost during our one-week European tour.

Homely Hostel in London

Our adventure began in the bustling city of London, where we found a haven at the Meininger Hotel London Hyde Park. The kids were immediately drawn to the bunk beds, pretending they were on a double-decker bus. The shared kitchen was a lifesaver, where we whipped up spaghetti while swapping travel tales with other families. It felt like a home away from home, right in the heart of the city.

Parisian Perks on a Penny

Next, we hopped onto the Eurostar and zoomed into Paris, where the Perfect Hotel & Hostel awaited us. The quaint charm of the hostel was matched by its vibrant neighborhood. Our first evening, we found ourselves in a little patisserie nearby, where the kids' eyes widened at the sight of colorful macarons. Back at the hostel, the communal lounge became our spot for unwinding with a board game borrowed from the reception.

Venetian Ventures on a Budget

The overnight train to Venice was an adventure in itself. The kids were thrilled to sleep on the train, waking up to the sunrise over the Venetian lagoon. At the A&O Venezia Mestre, we were greeted by friendly staff who recommended a nearby gelateria that soon became our daily treat. The hotel's play area was a hit with the kids, giving us some much-needed downtime after our city explorations.

Farewell to Venice

On our last day, as we packed our bags in the A&O Venezia Mestre's family room, the kids were already recounting their favorite moments. We had a final stroll along the canals, savoring the sights and sounds of Venice before we made our way to the airport, our hearts full of memories and our wallets not too much lighter.

Days 1 to 7: Top Attractions and Activities for Kids

Day 1: Departure from Home City

Begin your European adventure by catching an evening flight to London, keeping an eye out for budget airlines and booking tickets in advance for the best deals.

Days 2-3: London

Two nights at the Meininger Hotel London Hyde Park, taking advantage of free attractions and dining at affordable eateries.

Day 4: Paris

Morning Eurostar train to Paris, staying at the Perfect Hotel & Hostel for an economical yet comfortable experience.

Days 5-6: Paris

Continue your stay at the Perfect Hotel & Hostel, exploring more of Paris's rich culture and sights on a shoestring.

Day 7: Overnight Train to Venice

Board an overnight Thello train to Venice, saving on accommodation and waking up to a new destination.

Day 8: Venice

Arrive in Venice and check into the A&O Venezia Mestre, a budget-friendly option just outside the city center.

Day 9: Departure from Venice

Spend the morning enjoying a final glimpse of Venice before heading to the airport for your return flight home.

Reflections and Insights: Travel Tips from Our Family Trip to Europe

As I look back on our European escapade, I can't help but smile. The sound of the kids laughing in our Paris hostel still rings in my ears, and I remember how their eyes lit up over their first real Italian pizza in Naples. Those train rides with views that seemed straight out of a storybook were something else, too. We didn't just crash at places like the Meininger Hotel in London; we lived there, even if just for a night or two, making pillow forts and playing card games.

We stumbled upon a puppet show in Prague that had us all grinning from ear to ear, and watching the kids sprint through the open fields in Tuscany was a breath of fresh air. And those gelato nights—man, just sitting on a bench, licking those melting scoops and chatting about everything we'd seen, that was the good stuff.

Yep, a trip like this with the whole crew isn't a walk in the park. It took some serious budgeting, and we ended up dropping about 5000 pounds when all was said and done. But you know what? It was worth every single moment. Those pounds turned into priceless memories, the kind you can't put a price tag on.

FAQs: Unraveling the 'Euro-knots' of Your Family Trip

Q1. How can we create the perfect itinerary to Europe that both kids and adults will enjoy?

A1: When planning your trip, consider an itinerary that blends the historical allure of European cities with interactive experiences. For a one-week itinerary, focus on two to three locations to avoid rushing and ensure you can explore each destination at a leisurely pace. Include attractions known as 'Top of Europe' for breathtaking views, such as Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, and balance them with activities the kids will enjoy, such as theme parks or outdoor adventures.

Q2. What's the best way to get around Europe on a budget when traveling with a family of 5?

A2: Train travel is an efficient and scenic way to travel around Europe, especially with a family. Look for budget airlines for longer distances to save time and consider purchasing rail passes that offer discounts for families. Early stages of planning your trip should include researching the best deals on transportation options within Europe to ensure you can navigate between cities and countries in Europe without overspending.

Q3. Do we need travel insurance for our  trip to Europe, and how do we choose the right policy?

A3: Absolutely, travel insurance is essential to protect your family against unexpected events. Look for a policy that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost baggage. Ensure it's suitable for the countries in Europe you plan to visit and any specific activities included in your Europe travel itinerary. It's a small investment for the peace of mind it brings, allowing you to enjoy your family vacation to Europe without worry.