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Started in 2021...

The Trusted Shopping Guide team began their journey on YouTube with a network of 6 channels.
By 2022 we have successfully built a shoppers community of over 16,000 subscribers looking to us to help them make their most important buying decisions. It is following this team achievement that we decided to extend our services to

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We are eager to connect with you to better understand what you need, whether you're a shopper looking for a specific review or a product manufacturer looking for advice and support on how to get your products tested and reviewed.

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Our vision

At Trusted Shopping Guide we are focused on connecting our shoppers with the world of quality retailers and manufacturers selling products that are genuinely worth the purchase. To do this our team explores, tests and explains useful curated lists of products that can be relied on by you.

Our Shoppers don’t need to listen to hours of sales speak or marketing babble anymore because they’re too busy enjoying learning about exactly what the world has on offer for them. Online shopping isn’t a gamble anymore, it's now a journey.

Our vision as a business is to be the chosen tastemakers and advocates for the global online shopping community by providing a dynamic platform where creators and businesses interact transparently to inform, educate and inspire real shoppers.

We began building our business for the YouTube community, where we have created comprehensive buying guides and brand comparisons in video format. By actively engaging with the shoppers in the YouTube community over the course of 2021 and 2022 the Trusted Shopping Guide team has learnt how test and report on products in a meaningful way and now have decided to make a move to sharing thier research on as well as other platforms such as pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

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