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Top 5 Best Places to visit in Morocco

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April 7, 2024
Top 5 Best Places to visit in Morocco
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Going on a trip is a common goal, but money can often be a big problem. When thinking about affordable places to visit abroad, Africa seems like a good choice. Recently, on a Reddit thread, I saw a question that a lot of people had: 'Where can I find a cool, fun, and cheap place to travel in Africa?' Interested in this question, I decided to look into it. Out of many options, Morocco came up as a great place that fits well with the idea of affordable travel. What I found is not just for me, but for anyone who wants a budget-friendly adventure in Africa. In this article, we'll explore some amazing and culturally rich places, with Morocco being a top choice that won't cost you too much. Let's discover the hidden gems that Africa has for a memorable adventure!

Best Destinations in Morocco

To guarantee a fulfilling journey in Morocco, I've compiled a selection of five outstanding destinations that provide a mix of historical richness, natural splendor, lively markets, diverse economic lifestyles, and peaceful landscapes.

1. Marrakech Souks/Markets

A Marrakech Souk in Morocco

Address: Marrakech, Morocco | Contact Information: Phone: +(212) (0) 524433407 | Email:

Transportation: Accessible via Marrakech-Menara Airport; within the city, options include taxis, buses, or renting a car, with many choosing to explore the medina on foot

When I visited Marrakech, Morocco, I walked around the old markets called souks. The biggest one is called Souk Sammarine. There are many others selling different things like herbal medicines, handmade bags, and even pig’s feet. You can experience a lot of interesting smells and sights for free. Check out the old bakeries that made bread for the village in the past and still do today. Visit a traditional bathhouse, see snake charmers, and try the tasty grilled food.

Pros or What I Like About the Place

Exploring Souk Sammarine in Marrakech, Morocco, is an enchanting adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed. The market boasts a diverse array of offerings, from herbal medicines to handmade bags and even pig’s feet, providing a unique and captivating shopping experience. The historical ambiance and traditional baking houses immerse me in the rich cultural tapestry of Marrakech, creating a sensory feast. The vibrant atmosphere, complete with snake charmers and traditional bathhouses, adds an authentic touch, making my visit truly memorable. The freshly grilled foods contribute to a delightful culinary journey, and the unexpected prospect of receiving marriage proposals adds an intriguing layer to my cultural interactions within the souk.

Cons or What I Dislike About the Place

However, the bustling nature of Souk Sammarine can be overwhelming, especially for someone like me who prefers a more relaxed shopping environment. The tradition of haggling, while a cultural norm, may be intimidating for visitors not accustomed to such practices. The market's popularity among tourists leads to large crowds, potentially diluting the authenticity of the experience. Some items might be overpriced, and the narrow alleys and busy streets may encroach on personal space, making it less enjoyable for those seeking tranquility. The maze-like layout presents navigation challenges, and the presence of touts and persistent vendor solicitations can be bothersome, somewhat detracting from the overall charm of the experience.

2. Fes

Fes in Morocco

Address: Fes Medina, Fes  | Contact Information: Email: Phone: +212 (0) 664 817 088.

Transportation: By Plane: Fes-Saïss Airport By Train: ONCF system By Car: National road network

My visit to Al-Attarine Madrasa was a highlight of my trip to Fes. The 2-euro entrance fee was a small price to pay for the incredible experience of exploring this architectural gem. The moment I stepped through the entrance, I was captivated by the beauty that unfolded before me.

The architecture of Al-Attarine Madrasa is nothing short of breathtaking. Intricate tile work adorns every surface, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship that has been preserved over the centuries. The geometric patterns and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing atmosphere, transporting visitors to a bygone era of artistry and devotion.

The Fes tile designs on display are truly stunning and offer a fascinating glimpse into the city's rich cultural heritage. Each tile tells a story, and the meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the madrasa. It's a visual feast for anyone with an appreciation for Islamic art and architecture.

Despite the 2-euro fee, Al-Attarine Madrasa stands out as a must-visit destination in Fes. The crowded conditions, particularly with tour groups, did little to diminish the overall experience. If anything, the lively atmosphere added to the sense of cultural immersion.

Pros or what I like about the place

When I stepped into Al-Attarine Madrasa in Fes, Morocco, the feature that captivated me the most was the breathtaking tilework. The intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors adorned every inch of the madrasa, creating a visual spectacle that left me in awe. As I explored the space, I couldn't help but marvel at the craftsmanship and attention to detail displayed in every tile.

The tiles told a story of skilled Moroccan artisans, reflecting the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the region. The precision in the design showcased the dedication and mastery involved in creating such a stunning architectural masterpiece. For me, the tilework at Al-Attarine Madrasa stood out as a testament to the beauty that can emerge from the intersection of art and culture, making my visit a truly immersive and memorable experience.

Cons or What I dislike about the place

I find Fes a bit tricky to get around, especially in the old part of the city called the medina. There aren't many signs, so it's easy to get lost in the narrow streets.

For someone visiting for the first time, the local guides and shopkeepers can be a bit too much. They're friendly, but they keep approaching you a lot.

The city is very busy, especially in the markets, and that can be too much for me. It's really lively and colorful, but it can get overwhelming, and I prefer a more relaxed environment.

3. Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen in Morocco

Address: Chefchaouen, Northwest Morocco  | Contact Information: Phone: +212 6 73 24 40 28 Email:

Transportation: Bus or private taxi from cities like Fes or Tangier.

Having ventured to Chefchaouen, my third destination on this remarkable journey, I find myself enchanted by the allure of the Blue Pearl of Morocco. The town is surrounded by mountains, and what makes it special is the calm, blue-colored buildings. Every street tells stories of old times and the rich culture here. It's a unique place that will stay in my memories from this journey.

Pros or what I like about the place

One of the aspects I particularly relish about Chefchaouen is the diverse range of experiences it offers. The town provides a delightful journey for my taste buds, allowing me to savor the richness of local Moroccan cuisine. A specific cafe that I found captivating is "Café Clock." Its vibrant atmosphere, artistic decor, and a menu capturing the essence of Moroccan flavors make it a standout spot. Whether enjoying a cup of traditional Moroccan mint tea or indulging in a plate of tagine, Café Clock provides a perfect blend of local cuisine and cultural ambiance.

Moreover, the town is a treasure trove for someone like me who seeks distinctive, handcrafted items. The joy of exploring local markets and shops, each offering a unique selection of goods, adds a sense of discovery to my visit. It's not just a place to see; it's a place to engage with and bring a piece of its uniqueness home.

When it comes to accommodations, I lean towards "Lina Ryad & Spa." This luxurious retreat not only offers a comfortable stay but also reflects the town's unique character. With its traditional Moroccan architecture, beautiful courtyards, and spa facilities, Lina Ryad & Spa provides me with a serene escape while staying true to the spirit of Chefchaouen.

The town's accommodation options cater to various budgets, ensuring that every stay is as vibrant as the city's famed blue streets. Whether opting for a luxurious retreat like Lina Ryad & Spa or a cozy guesthouse, the options contribute to my overall immersive experience, allowing me to feel the pulse of this charming Moroccan town. Chefchaouen, for me, is not just a destination; it's a sensory and cultural delight that leaves a lasting impression.

Cons or What I dislike about the place

What I noticed about Chefchaouen is that it can get really crowded, especially when lots of tourists are around, making the streets feel too busy. Also, local sellers can be a bit too persistent, which might be overwhelming for some people.

Even though it is known for its calm and blue beauty, it's important to know that it's not the best place for nightlife.

4. Essaouira Coastal Beauty

Essaouira Coastal in Morocco

Address: Essaouira, Atlantic Coast | Contact Information: Phone: +44 (0) 117 946 7072

Transportation: Bus or private taxi from cities like Fes or Tangier.

When you're in Essaouira, make sure to check out this cool place called Skala de la Ville. It's like an old fortress by the sea. I went up on the walls, and the view was amazing – you can see the big Atlantic Ocean and the city.

The fortress is really old, from a long time ago. It used to keep the city safe. Walking on the walls, I could see everything – the sea, the busy harbor, and the old town, which they call the medina.

The waves hitting the walls made a cool sound, and there was this salty breeze in the air. It felt peaceful, and you could hear seagulls far away.

Skala de la Ville is not just a pretty place; it's also got stories from the past. The big cannons and walls tell about a time when Essaouira was an important port.

Pros or What I Like About the Place

What I loved the most about Skala de la Ville was the absolutely mesmerizing coastal views. When I stood on those ancient walls, it felt like the whole Atlantic Ocean was right in front of me. The waves crashing against the shore, the bustling harbor, and the quaint medina – the view was nothing short of breathtaking. If you're a fan of stunning coastal landscapes, this place is a dream come true.

Cons or What I Dislike About the Place

One thing to keep in mind is that getting around Skala de la Ville might be a bit tricky. The place has a lot of uneven surfaces, stairs, and narrow paths. While these add to the historical charm, they can be a challenge if you have difficulty with mobility. It's not the most accessible spot, so if you or someone you're with has trouble with stairs or uneven ground, it's something to consider.

5. Sahara Desert Dunes and Oasis

Sahara Desert in Morocco

Address: Merzouga, Sahara Desert | Contact Information: Phone:  +33 (0)7 57 67 61 80

Transportation: bus and truck line through the Tanezrouft

As I stood on the edge of the Sahara Desert, I couldn't help but be captivated by the mesmerizing landscape that unfolded before me. The vastness of the desert, stretching out for miles in every direction, was both humbling and awe-inspiring. What drew my attention most were the iconic dunes that rose and fell like golden waves in the sunlight.

Climbing the towering sand dunes was a challenge, but the reward was worth every effort. The soft, fine sand beneath my feet shifted with every step, creating a hypnotic pattern that seemed to dance with the wind. As I reached the summit of one particularly high dune, the panoramic view of endless sand dunes stretching to the horizon left me breathless. The play of light and shadow on the curves of the dunes added to the surreal beauty of the scene.

Pros or What I Like About the Place

Descending into the valleys between the dunes, I discovered the hidden gems of the desert – the oases. The sudden burst of greenery amid the arid landscape was a striking contrast. Lush palm trees, other vegetation, and sometimes even small settlements emerged, creating a vivid oasis in the midst of the desolation. It was a testament to life's adaptability and resilience in the face of harsh conditions.

One oasis that left an indelible mark on me was the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. Surrounded by towering dunes, it felt like an oasis straight out of a dream. The golden sands meeting the vibrant greenery created a scene that seemed almost surreal. The tranquility of the oasis, with its freshwater springs and flourishing vegetation, provided a stark yet harmonious contrast to the challenging terrain of the desert.

Cons or What I Dislike About the Place

As I immersed myself in the wonders of the Sahara Desert, I couldn't ignore the harsh realities that came with its breathtaking beauty. One aspect that stood out as a challenge was the unforgiving climate. The scorching temperatures during the day, often soaring beyond 100 degrees Fahrenheit, made every step a test of endurance. The contrast of the intense heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night added an extra layer of difficulty to my exploration.

Another factor that gave me pause was the unpredictable nature of sandstorms. The Sahara is known for these fierce storms, and experiencing one firsthand was both awe-inspiring and unsettling. The swirling sands reduced visibility to almost nothing, turning the landscape into a chaotic, disorienting blur. The abrasive force of the sand in these storms was not only uncomfortable but also posed potential risks to both myself and any equipment I had with me.

Travel Insights:

Places to visit in Morocco

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or planning your first visit, these insights will help you navigate the intricacies of your Moroccan adventure.

Travel Restrictions:

Morocco is currently open to visitors, including those from the United States; however, travel rules may change due to health and safety concerns. The government is actively working to ensure safety during the COVID-19 situation, potentially leading to alterations in travel regulations. Stay informed by checking official announcements, embassy updates, and health organization advice, especially as your travel dates approach.

Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens:

So if you're a U.S. citizen like me, planning a vacation or work trip to Morocco, you're in luck – no visa is required for stays up to 90 days. Ensure your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your entry date, allowing you to explore Morocco's fascinating destinations hassle-free. Stick to the 90-day limit to avoid complications, and you'll have an enjoyable time in Morocco.

Budget Considerations:

For a more summarize version, I created a table below where you can go!

Morocco travel plan chart

Travelers are advised to check for the latest information on travel restrictions and entry requirements before planning their visit to ensure a smooth experience when exploring the wonders of Morocco.


Having explored various cities in Morocco, I can confidently say that each location offers a unique and enriching experience. It’s one of the best destinations in Morocco, and whether you're delving into the rich history, embarking on a culinary adventure, or simply enjoying the seaside leisure, Morocco's diverse cities make the journey truly extraordinary. From the bustling cities to the serene coast of Morocco, each place is worth a visit, contributing to a memorable travel experience. Morocco is a country that boasts beautiful places, and it's definitely one of the top places to visit. The charm and diversity of Morocco's cities have left a lasting impression, making every moment worthwhile and confirming it as one of the best places to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1: When is the best time to visit Morocco?

A: The best time to visit Morocco is during the spring months of April and May or the fall months of September and October when the weather is mild and pleasant.

Q2: What are some of the top attractions in Morocco?

A: Some of the top attractions in Morocco include the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the ancient Kasbah of the Udayas in Rabat, and the bustling markets of Marrakech's Medina.

Q3: What is the history of Morocco?

A: Morocco has a rich history influenced by various civilizations, including the Berbers, Arabs, and French. The country has been a crossroads of cultures and trade routes for centuries.